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About Dermoscopy Atlas

The Skin Cancer Society of Australia is a group of doctors dedicated to improving standards in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.  The Society may be contacted at  . Membership is available to medical practitioners worldwide who share the Society's aims. Membership benefits include reduced fees to the Society's educational meetings and free access to the Society's educational dermatoscopy blog at  , a leading source of continuing education in dermatoscopy and skin cancer management.

All images submitted to the Atlas are automatically reduced in size to 640 x 480 pixels. There is therefore no advantage in submitting images with large file sizes.

The doctors who submit an image are responsible for obtaining their patient’s permission to do so. Copyright for the images is shared jointly by Dermoscopy Atlas and the submitting doctor. People using this Atlas do so at their own risk. It is not a substitute for proper medical advice.


Skincancerconsult and Dermconsult are additional educational websites in dermatology available to submitting doctors or their trainees in dermatology.

Skincancerconsult is designed for general practitioners, whereas Dermconsult is designed for specialist dermatologists and their trainees.

To be eligible for access to these websites a submitting doctor has to have submitted five cases to Dermoscopy Atlas. Click here for access when you have completed this requirement Access can then be granted to the relevant educational website. These websites contain virtual clinical meetings and specific courses for further education and are free to participating doctors and their trainees.

The template of these websites is also available to University or hospital based Departments of Dermatology to purchase for their own use on their own servers and websites. For further information contact the Managing Editor, Dr Ian McColl (

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