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Image Number 597 (Junctional lentiginous dysplastic nevus)


Diagnosis: Junctional lentiginous dysplastic nevus

Morphologies: Kittler >1P lines curved , Kittler >1P dots gray
Sex: M

Age: 75

Type: Dermlite Polarised
Submitted by: Dr Ian McColl

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Description: Lesion back dermatoscopy



This lesion was noted on the back of a 75 year old male during a skin check. Dermatoscopically there was a pattern of lines curved and some grey dots.

This case  was reported as a lentiginous junctional nevus with some architectural features of an adjacent seb k. They did a Sox 10 on this as well. Minor compound component but no convincing malignant features. Now he is 75 years old so you could argue a benign lesion is unlikely. They did not do a PRAME on it . The shave removed it all. I am not going to pursue this further.

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